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Alantro Communications is a product-oriented company, based in California, that creates, designs and builds high-performance transmission elements for digital communications networks. The central emphasis of the company is the creation of technology and systems that reliably conveys digital information using efficiently encoded transmission waveforms. In the terminology of computer networking, Alantro builds communications systems at the "physical layer".

Alantro Communications creates and implements existing and emerging physical layer transmission technology. The company specializes in both hardware, HDL, and software, DSP, realizations of these systems.

Alantro Communications focuses on building high-speed, digital transmission systems that are efficient in terms of capacity, reliability and cost. The basis of this activity is the creation of FEC based modems for existent and looming high-speed digital transmissions. In the process, new methods and the associated valuable intellectual property, are produced. Within the realm of activity of Alantro Communications are channels that are either wired, such as coaxial cable or twisted-pair, or wireless, such as wireless local area networks or satellite links. The uncompromising focus of the company, which is the common theme of the products of Alantro, is the desire for aggressive levels of physical transmission performance.

The strength of the company is the expertise, experience and knowledge of the people that comprise Alantro Communications. The founders of the company, Chris Heegard, Ph.D., and Eric Rossin, Ph.D., are well-known experts in the field of information theory and have extensive experience in development of physical layer technology. The culture of the company is an intellectually challenging, high technology operation that fosters and rewards innovation and productivity.

As the information technology age blooms, a critical link in the process is the efficient transportation of large numbers of bits of information over physical media. This is the premise of Alantro Communications. It is a goal of the company, as it grows into its role as a leading supplier of physical-layer systems, that the company will become a publicly traded, vibrant producer of state-of-the-art digital transmission systems.