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IEEE 802.11 Adopts Proposal by Alantro Communications for Enhanced Performance Option for Wireless LAN; New Option Provides Robust, High-Speed 2.4Ghz Wireless LAN Transmission

SANTA ROSA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 12, 1998--The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 802.11 international standards committee, responsible for developing wireless local area network (WLAN) specifications, recently adopted a proposal developed by Alantro Communications for a high-performance option for high-speed wireless data transmission. The IEEE 802.11 committee is currently working on the draft for a high-speed mode (up to 11 megabits per second) to the existing wireless LAN standard. This new standard will enable users to wirelessly connect their PC's, workstations, and other products at speeds up to 5.5 times faster than the current standard. The Alantro Communications proposal is a robust, variable-rate scheme that will offer performance enhancements such as extended range, increased reliability, and multipath immunity, while remaining compatible with the existing standard. This design extends direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) radio transmission, combined with advanced forward error control (FEC) technology, to maximize throughput in varying environments. "This technology will enable wireless LANs to offer robust connections at speeds necessary for enterprise as well as warehousing and retailing environments," said Chris Heegard, CEO of Alantro Communications. "High-performance enhancements to the existing standard are necessary to realize the market potential available to wireless LANs." Wireless LANs are a growing connectivity option for both large corporations and small-to-medium businesses, including medical and educational communities. The increasingly mobile nature of business and rising need for Internet connectivity are fueling this growth. Applications for wireless LANs include mobile Internet access, manufacturing, retail point-of-sale, health care, education, small office/home office, and enterprise networking. The new IEEE 802.11 standard for high-speed wireless LAN is expected to be complete in 1999.

About Alantro Communications

Alantro Communications is a company that specializes in physical-layer communications technology. Founded in Santa Rosa, California in August 1997, Alantro Communications has unique expertise in existing and emerging forward error control (FEC) and modulation/demodulation technology. These expertise enables Alantro to produce standards-based, physical layer ASIC solutions that are extremely efficient and high performing. Alantro also specializes in next generation and advanced FEC methodology.

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